Build user interfaces that are easy to customize and scale.

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Main Features


Written using BEM (Block, Element, Modifier) convention to make your front-end code easier to read and understand.


Uses 7-1 Architecture pattern for maintainable and scalable SASS.

Flex Grid

Two ways of creating grids - CSS Grid and Flexbox.


Only includes the most important features to minimize code bloat.

Gulp Build System

Includes a Gulp build system to automate building of SASS files

Easy To Extend

Designed to be scalable and easy to customize. Use it as a standalone library or use it a starting point to build your next application.

Not Just Another CSS Framework

Built To Scale

Written using the BEM naming convention and 7-1 SASS Architecture, BEMSkel provides a solid foundation for building your next large-scale web application or website.


Includes carefully crafted modules that you can easily customize and extend.

No Bloat

Unlike popular CSS frameworks, BEMSkel only includes the most essential features and basic styles, and letting you to customize and extend without too much overriding existing styles.

Open Source

BEMSkel is released under the MIT license. Do whatever the hell you want with it.

Getting Started

BEMSkel provides a solid foundation to build apps and websites with scalability and modularity in mind. To learn more, just visit the documentation.

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BEMSkel was initially based on Skeleton boilerplate but was rewritten using the BEM naming convention and added with new useful features for building component-based applications. As I was building React applications, I needed a CSS framework that will complement the component-based nature of React, and hence, BEMSkel was created.